Visual Thinking

How do we make our thinking visible? I hear this question at least once a day at work. A volunteer shift at the Center for Puppetry Arts reminded me that this question is an essential life question. How do we know what others are thinking? or learning? We all communicate in different ways. As a therapist, I learned very early on that I would not understand everything about a person just by what they verbalize. I learn about the kids I work with by what they say, what they do not say, what they draw, what they do outside an office or classroom, and often by how they act out when they are frustrated, sad, or angry.

As I wandered through the museum of Sesame Street characters I was reminded of the many different lessons my own kids learned through the gifted imagination of Jim Henson and the Muppets.



One thought on “Visual Thinking

  1. One of the many things I appreciate about you is how you are always making connections and participating, reflecting on the pedagogical happenings of school/education even though many in your same role as a school counselor would never be curious enough to do so. I admire your curiosity and thoughtfulness.

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