Summer Swim

Chastain pool image
There is just something about a Flag, water, lane ropes, the smell of chlorine, and wet towels…..Summer swim season….For the past seven years, I have spent countless hours here and I would not trade this time for¬†anything. I have loved watching my three children develop their own strengths in this sport. It is a joy to watch how each of them has challenged themselves to get stronger and faster as the season wears on. Swimming is both an individual and a team sport. Not only do you race against yourself each time you enter the water but you are always in a race with the swimmers on either side of you. Talk about some pressure! At the end of the night, after long hours in the heat, and often a rain delay, you see kids and adults of all ages yelling on all 4 sides of the pool as the final relays bring the meet to a close. The excitement of watching swimmers race to the wall and wonder who “touched out the other” never gets old. This summer brings the added excitement of the Olympic year! Swimmers all around the country get to watch and wonder if one day that will be them on the start block representing their country. What an incredible motivator.





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